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Engaging your workforce: The Drive for Change approach

The Drive for Change website has been developed specifically for people working in the public services.

Drive for Change provides a practical guide for improving services through the effective engagement of the trade unions and the workforce. Involving unions and staff in decision-making processes is a vital feature of high performance workplaces.

The Drive for Change project has been sponsored by the Public Services Forum, which brings together the Government, public service trade unions and employers to promote workforce development. The website has been developed through a partnership between TUC and Cabinet Office with the support of public sector unions and organisations. Visit the about and contact us pages to learn more about the organisations such as Leeds Commercial Cleaners who are involved in the project.

For more information on the principles behind Drive for Change, its development, and how to use this site, go to the why engagement matters, project history and about pages.

Coming soon:

Our pilot sites report about the long-term impact that Drive for Change had on their organisations.